Busan’s Beaches!

Korea, our second destination, has been an amazing time. Not ideal to by-pass the countries capital (Seoul) and head straight to the beach city of Busan, but definitely worth the decision. And despite being South Korea’s 2nd largest city, it’s still within reach of mountains to hike and beaches to swim, all while maintaining its urban charm.


And if it’s a beach you’re looking for, you won’t have to go far to find them. Situated on the southern coast of Korea, Busan is a host for the countries festive beaches, each having their own character and flow…;) Here’s a list of beaches you can check out during your stay in Busan.




Inner tube after inner tube, body after body, the crowded waves give Haeundae beach an interesting experience; an urban beach at its finest. And being that’s it’s the most popular and crowded beach, the iconic red and yellow inner tubes will make you feel like you’re swaying in a bowl of fruity loops. After a nice swim, or float, you can walk the narrow streets of fun shops and endless eateries that surround the beach. Don’t be surprised if you come across a free show as well, especially during the Summer. Haeundae will have free concerts on the beach with any given genre: Korean pop, rock, hip-hop, even performers displaying routine dance; all adding to Haeundae’s energetic festivities.


haeundae beach
Haeundae Beach


If you’re looking for another beach with the similar festive appeal, look no further than Gwangalli Beach. The beach’s boardwalk sits along a major road, so again, plenty of shops and eats to dive into. The Gwangalli waves also serve as a platform for the impressive Gwangandaegyo bridge, or Diamond bridge. Stretching over 7 km long, the bridge links Haeundae and Suyeong districts, and can be seen from most viewpoints surrounding the beach. Be sure to catch it at night as it illuminates its glow over the rolling waves; personally, my favorite time to see it. Gwangalli also hosts shows on any given night with music, dance, and even workout parties!…



If you want a quieter, tranquil setting check out Songdo beach. It’s just far enough north along the coastline to give you seclusion and peace of mind, opposed to the neighboring Haeundae or Gwangalli. Follow the shoreline and you can’t miss the surrounding hikes which also serve as great viewpoints to catch the sunrise or sunset. You can also surf here! Bring your own board, or take classes from the local surf schools.


songdo beach busan south korea
Songdo Beach


And to finish off the list, my favorite beach–Dadaepo. Definitely not preferable for those looking for the busy atmosphere many of the beaches in Busan have–maybe that’s exactly why I love this beach. It’s quiet, clean, the sunsets are beautiful, and it will sometimes feel like it’s your own personal beach. One of the lesser known beaches, you’ll only have small scattered groups throughout the shore–if that. Be sure to bring your own food, since markets or convenience stores aren’t as near, which could make for a great picnic opportunity.


Dadaepo Beach


This is just a few out of plenty more beaches to explore in Busan, so no shortage of a beach adventure in this booming city. Personally, the best part about all of these beaches is due to the fact that it co-exists with Korea’s second largest city–Busan. It makes for a unique experience only cities fortunate enough to have coastlines caressing their edge. Variety and flavor intermingle between each beach, giving them all their own personality; like a beach buffet for lack of a better term. The bustling party vibes of Haeundae to the chill atmosphere of Dadaepo and everything in between, Busan’s beaches will cleanse you thoroughly and prepare you for anything…maybe another night at the Noraebang?


Mustard and Mayo at Dadaepo Beach

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