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Jeju Island: Our Vacation from Our Extended Vacation

Although Donald and I are traveling, we managed to work multiple gigs while staying in Busan, South Korea. We wanted to pick another place to visit in Korea but the thought of visiting another major city did not sound appealing. At least, not as appealing as Korea’s volcanic island, Jeju. Enchanting waterfalls, unique topography, and warm beaches where the sparkles… Read more →

Working Hard and Playing Harder with the Pajama Squad at Kimchee Guesthouse Busan

As Donald mentioned in the last post, we had no idea what we were in for when we started working at Kimchee Guesthouse Busan. After meeting up with Scott, the manager, and seeing that the place was still undergoing a lot of renovations, we were skeptical that the hostel would open in two weeks. We checked out some of the… Read more →

Korea’s Best Kimchee!

We started our journey in Japan’s fruit paradise Prefecture, Yamanashi, known for its mountainous community, with Mt. Fuji rising above all of them. Now, we’ve had the amazing experience of not only running one of Koreas booming guesthouse branches, Kimchee Guesthouse, but building it from the ground up; literally. Here’s a post that not only sums up our time at… Read more →