Seomyeon: Our Nightlife Neighborhood


Streets gleaming with blinking lights

Resembling the glitter we’d wear on our bodies

As we pushed through the throngs

Of sweaty club goers and soju guzzlers

Pausing at the heart outlined sculpture

To hear the melodies of a street performer

Beat into our ear drums as a crowd of Koreans cheered them on

We’d waste Won trying to catch Pikachu

With the metal claw

Never able to say we won

We’d end up at the norebang

Our karaoke spot

Spending hours of each early morning

Trying to hit high notes

Sneaking sips of soju

To fuel the singing sensation,

We’d laugh and dance

Until the screen told us our time was through

We’d walk through the ongoing booming streets

Of our neighborhood





How the concrete looks cleaner in the starlight

Than during the sun shining hours

The streets still littered with remnants of the night before

And cluttered with thirsty shopping consumers

Brand name stores pop out at every corner

While cat cafes and bingsu dessert shops

Lay low in building basements or

Several floors above bubble tea stands

More markets create a marble underground mall

Underneath the streets within the

Subway station

Flocks of people rushing to catch the next train

Bound for work or Haeundae beach

Bound for the daily grind or touring the sites

Or rushing to reach their final destination:


Bingsu, a tasty Korean dessert
Bingsu, a tasty Korean dessert



Your Vegas vibe and whispering invitations

Intrigues my appetite for

Sticky street treats

Sold at late night food carts

Dancing to the remixed American beats and Playing beer pong at Groove

Watching my roommates sweetly sing their

Favorite KPOP tunes in our private room

Of a castle themed karaoke palace

On our exhausted trek back to our hostel home

We’d stop by 711 to refuel with midnight snacks,

Ice, and a few night caps of makegoli

Knowing that tomorrow night

We’d do it all over again in